Pindaya is famous for its limestone caves and picturesque lake. It is located in the Shan State, about 1183 metre above the sea level and 60 km from Heho Airport. According to the local legend, the word Pindaya is a corruption of Pinguya meaning taken by spider (pin-gu means spider, ya means get/taken); a giant spider which lived in the limestone caves above the town captured the local princess. A prince rescued the princess by killing the giant spider with bow and arrows, and his exclamation became the name of the region, Pinguya/Pindaya.

Interesting places in Pindaya
Pindaya Cave Pagoda
Pindaya Cave Pagoda

The Pindaya Caves are estimated to be 20,000 million years old and they have been places of worship since the ancient times. With over 8,094 Buddha images made from various materials like teak wood, marble, alabaster, brick, cement and lacquer, it is an awe inspiration place to enter into. The Buddha images are mixture of styles, the earliest one dating back to Konbaung period, from 1773. The length of the cave is 490 feet and every nooks and corners of the winding caverns inside the cave is filled with various images. The covered stairway leading to the Caves is 200 steps long with scenic view of the town on the side. Shwe U Mhin Pagoda at the entrance of the Caves is about 15 m (49 ft) high.

Pa-O village

Pa-O (pronounced Pa-Oh) is a second largest ethnic group in the Shan State of about 700,000 populations. Pa-O people are predominately Buddhist and the earliest record of the group dated back to Thaton, around 600 BCE. Both men and women wear black with bring colour turbans. Pa-O villages are very tidy and follow ridge structure. The Myanmar government and PNLO (Pa-Oh National Liberation Organization) signed peace treaty and now some of the regions of the Shan State are under Pa-O autonomy. Kakku Pagoda, for example, requires permission from PNLO council and can be visited with a Pa-O guide.

Around Pindaya


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